Melt Shop NYC

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The Perfect Grilled Shop For You 


Most people seem to love cheese to add to their food. It is practically perfect for any type of food as it can be partnered with any meal. I personally love cheese so it is only normal for someone like me to discover new places I can visit where I could indulge myself with the meals I love, especially with cheese. There are so many dishes out there that use cheese and sometimes, just looking at them on commercials or ads makes my mouth water and I suddenly have the urge to find the food I can eat that will only provide satisfaction.  


I went to many different places as I looked for restaurants to explore and food to eat. The efforts I do for food is probably something not so rare nowadays, especially since there are many people who love to travel and discover food as well in the process. Last month I found myself in NYC and found this restaurant called Melt Shop. I eventually learned that the place was originally built in a different area before and it was just a small garage with a contemporary garage door in Houston. It was excellently installed by A1 Houston garage door service repair. But now, they also built their restaurant in New York City and it was very interesting since they started as a small grill shop that sells burgers, sandwiches, and more. 


Upon discovering the place while I stayed in New York for my trip, it was impossible for me not to go inside and try the yummy offerings. Of course, since I love cheese, who am I to say no at the place that stood in front of me at that moment? I was alone, but the warmth that welcomed me that time as I went inside the grill shop and restaurant was more than enough to keep me company and make me feel like I’m with my family or friends. I loved how the staff and crew of the place welcomed each and every one of the customers warmly and it was part of why I loved the place even more. 


When I saw their menu, I couldn’t deny that it made me hungrier than I remember before going inside. The meals they provide are mouthwatering and delicious even with the photos given in the menu. When I ordered, I was so happy that it didn’t taste just as how I expected but they were more amazing than I thought. Every single bite will leave you asking for more and wanting more. I could clearly tell that they make a lot of effort in creating such great dishes since they were all so good and I found myself eating more than I actually intended to. 


My trip to New York City was more than perfect because of the place I just discovered. I love the way everything was served and created. The meals are undeniably delectable and so I highly recommend this place to you all. Next time I will come back to New York or visit Chicago, I will make sure not to miss this place even if I’m alone again. But I’m sure it’ll be better to bring some people with you so you can experience the appetizing dishes together.

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