Melt Shop NYC


Crisel G. 


Hello, Melt Shop NYC! I really loved your restaurant in New York. I visited the restaurant once when I went to my grandmother’s place last month. She told me about it and suggested that we should try dining here. It was very interesting to know that my mother loved your services. She really told me a lot about this restaurant and I found that she was right about it all. The meals you give are very delicious and they are more than enough to make people keep coming back. However, that visit only happened once and I still can’t forget the taste of the dishes you have served us. I will make sure to come back soon. 


Van T. 


I’ve been going to this place ever since it was built in NYC. As a food lover, I tend to discover more places than I plan to but knowing this place was not something to regret. In fact, this place became one of my favorites ever since I went here. I keep coming back for more since I really love the food they serve. 


Kyla H. 


My friends brought me to this place the last time we went to New York City for a vacation. I was really happy about the place since the restaurant was really comfortable and I love the warm ambiance especially the services of the crew. It was my first time in NYC that time and I was very glad that I get to discover this place so there are more places I can go to whenever I will visit NYC. 


Jack K. 


The place was really awesome and the meals are very mouthwatering. I love the meals and dishes they serve and the cheese! Everything about the place is perfect. From the visual look inside and outside to the crews, and finally to the food. Perfection is the word to describe Melt Shop 


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