Melt Shop NYC


Hi, I just want to ask if there are ways I can see your menus on this website. If there are, I would appreciate if you can tell me how. 


Hello, thank you so much for sending us your wishes and questions. Yes, you can definitely see the menu of our restaurant on this website. Find the ‘menu’ tab at the top part of this website along with the others. You can click it and you will see the various types of meals and dishes we serve on our restaurant. If there is a possibility that you cannot see it still, please contact us again for further details. 


Can I order from you? If yes, how and where can I contact you for orders? 


Yes, you may order from us. If you want, you can contact us through email and send us a message, however, for an easier way, you can just go to the ‘order online’ tab at the top part of this website. Click it to see the menu and prices of the meals. If you finally chose what to buy, just click the  ‘order’ button and you’ll be prompted through the payments process. 


Is it possible to make reservations to your restaurant? 


Yes, it is possible for you to make reservations. To do so, just send us a message or email us through the email addresses we gave in the contact section. You can just tell us about your reservation and information so can know more about the reservation you will make. 


Hello, I just want to ask if you have any other branches in NYC or other places? 


Hi, thank you for sending us your question. Yes, we do have other branches in NYC and Chicago. To see them all, just go to the location tab on this website. 



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