Melt Shop NYC

About Us

The Melt Shop NYC was originally built and created years ago in a small area of Chicago. It was humbly created and designed by a student who studied culinary arts. He loved cooking even when he was still a child and it was his dream to build and put up his own restaurant someday. When he was studying in college, instead of going out with his friends, he made dishes and meals in their house and invited friends over. One time, one of his friends suggested that he should try using his skills for a restaurant or culinary business. It was not a bad idea, he thought, and so, with the help of his family and friends, they were able to build their small place which he called a shop in their garage. The name was derived differently because he the thought that some people often make their garage sales by themselves while he created a food stall at their garage so he called it a shop since it was small and you could think of it as a mere shop as well. 


The small business he put up was very successful since the neighborhood loved his cooking and the dishes he created from time to time. They find it all satisfying and very useful since they don’t have to go to a different place or go for a drive before they manage to find the perfect place to eat the mouthwatering burgers or any similar type of dishes.  


He had his own way of cooking these meals and that makes his place more unique. The student eventually became a professional chef although he did not stop managing the small business he created until it grew after years of more experience and improvements. Now, the Melt Shop expanded and made its way to NYC where it brings more appetizing dishes to more people. 


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